Our history

"A sip from the past, a future to uncork"

The “enological” history of our territory is something that is certainly lost in memory.

However, 1890 was the year when, for the first time at Tenuta La Meridiana, wine was bottled for sale, in order to enhance its potential, and to allow in a more practical way its preservation, in order to make it known outside of a limited geographical context.

So we consider this our real starting point, where the focus was not only more on the production process, but also on the way of its consumption and the end customer. Even the name of the company was assigned for “popular” reasons.

Ours was the first house in the village to have a sundial on the outside wall, which soon became the symbol that people used to explain which winery the wine they bought came from.

Fate had curiously chosen an image that has much relevance to our business: it works because of the sun (as in optimal ripening), it is rather difficult to adjust (just as interpreting winemaking at its best is the result of many small operations), but the result is something immediately usable and simple, as we would like our products to be.

In the course of these five generations, many things have changed, but the desire is always alive, not only to go and write another piece of history, but to want to share it with those who cross our path, so that “our” history, becomes “everyone’s” history.