RIVAIA – Monferrato Rosso DOC

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Strains / ha

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250 m
50 qI
South, Southwest


The grapes undergo destemming but not crushing, with the aim of obtaining the greatest number of whole berries in the tank. During alcoholic fermentation, not too vigorous pumping over is carried out alternating with some delestage in order to optimize the extraction of color and tannins from the grapes without affecting the rougher ones from the grape seeds. After racking, which occurs about 10 days after the start of maceration, the wine finishes fermentation without the skins, and malolactic fermentation completes the process. After about 4 months, the wine is put into barrels where it completes aging for about 3 years.


14,5-15% vol


The fruity notes typical of other wines give way here to a wide range of tertiary aromas resulting from the long aging in oak barrels. Tobacco, chocolate and leather dominate, placing us in front of an extremely complex wine. On the palate, however, the complexity does not compromise the tasting: round and velvety, endowed with soft tannins, this wine is extremely easy to drink, with the possibility of catching a different nuance with each sip.


The complexity of this wine requires equally important accompaniments. For this reason, it is recommended to taste it together with main courses of meat such as wild boar or game in general.

Serving T

18° C

RIVAIA – Monferrato Rosso DOC



Blend from long aging in French oak, thus combining complexity and important tannins with remarkable elegance and ability to endure.